Server Check isn’t limited to monitoring servers or pinging IP addresses – you can even use it to keep an eye on an eBay item and get an alert when the price (or something else!) changes.

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Simply set up an HTTP monitor, enter the URL of the eBay listing into the Hostname entry box, and set the monitor to check that the result contains the price on the page. Once you click OK, Server Check will start to check the listing page as often as you set the check interval. If the price changes, you’ll get an alert.

You could also set the monitor to check that the result does NOT contain a certain price, so that if the seller changes their listing at some point to the price you want, you’ll get an alert to let you know it has been changed.

We didn’t create Server Check to check eBay, Amazon and other websites for price changes, but it’s something we thought was too useful to keep to ourselves!

If you aren’t using Server Check, you can give the free 10-monitor version a try – and it includes everything you would need to start monitoring eBay your websites and servers, right out of the box!

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