Server Check Installation Files

The Server Check download is a 10-monitor FREE version. The software can be run without registration, allowing HTTP and Ping monitors only, and limits check frequencies to five minutes or more. The software can also be registered for free here to receive a license key which enables all monitor types to be deployed, and removes the 5-minute check restriction.

All other licenses that can be purchased for Server Check can also be applied to the free version to enable more monitors to be deployed.

Latest software version: 1.5.20240429

Download Server Check v1.5.20240429 (EXE installer file - 16.76 MB)
MD5 hash: d925712ef830c90678c45c30fbe91efa
SHA256 hash: 1746e81b462c8c0aefab5b3bd82d2dd27576796c36b0f4b0b32066ef755b0795

You can also download a zip file containing the standard setup file above:

Download Server Check v1.5.20240429 (ZIP archive - 16.28 MB)
MD5 hash: 7ead08a21aee76ba67309f714fd075d0
SHA256 hash: 28d4d756d9078a05a22bafb70aec187d1cf118f3061cefaf991cb22080078126

Server Check Installation Notes

You may get a warning when you download the installation file or when you run it. This may be generated by Windows Defender or Microsoft SmartScreen, and is shown because our installer is not digitally signed, and our product is new. You may safely allow the installation to proceed. To do this you may need to click the “Keep” or “Run Anyway” option which may follow downloading it in your browser, or click the “More info” and “Run anyway” options when running the installer file. If you have User Account Control (UAC) active, you may also be prompted to allow the software to make changes on your system, so please select “Yes” to allow the installation to continue.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 10/11 or Server 2016/2019/2022
50MB disk space, 1GB system memory, internet connection

Recommended System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 11 or Server 2022
200MB disk space, 4GB system memory, internet connection

Release Change Log

1.5.20240429 (2024/04/29)

+ Added local web server check to the Internet Connection test (requires external WAN port to match the port set in web server settings)

1.5.20240428 (2024/04/28)

+ Fixed various miscellaneous issues with error handling

1.5.20240427 (2024/04/27)

+ Fixed an issue where monitors using the HTTP HEAD request method sometimes did not respect the HTTP response status code
+ Fixed a speed issue with the Internet Connection test

1.5.20240426 (2024/04/26)

+ Improved reliability of monitor backup routines
+ Improved reliability of web server IP address auto-ban routines

1.5.20240425 (2024/04/25)

+ Added option to restart the application if an error is detected
+ Added option to send error and crash information to the software developer
+ Added option for HTTP monitors to follow 301, 302, 307 and 308 redirects
+ Added Internet Connection test to check which internet services the application can access (e.g. to test for firewall issues)
+ Updated compression library to zlib and removed use of gzip.exe
+ Improved accuracy of HTTP monitor timing results
+ Improved monitor set backup file management - backup files are now saved to a separate directory
+ Improvements made to thread reliability
+ Fixed an issue with some temporary files causing an occasional crash

1.5.20240123 (2024/01/23)

+ Added option to encrypt monitor set save files

1.5.20240113 (2024/01/13)

+ Fixed a further issue with email failure reports not being sent in certain cases where a valid failure has occurred

1.5.20240111 (2024/01/11)

+ Fixed issue with email failure reports sometimes not being sent

1.5.20240107 (2024/01/07)

+ Added option to highlight chart for currently-selected monitor for time specified or indefinitely
+ Added option to scroll to chart automatically when monitor is selected
+ Added display of selected monitors only to GUI monitor report
+ Improvements made to thread reliability
+ Improvements made to failure report processing speed
+ Fixed minor issues with table sort feature in HTML summary reports
+ Fixed occasional error when adding monitors to maintenance mode

1.5.20230823 (2023/08/23)

+ Fixed potential crash of some threads when application receives Windows shutdown messages

1.5.20230821 (2023/08/21)

+ Added option to automatically close on-screen alert panels after specified amount of time
+ Added option to automatically close on-screen alert panels when monitor status changes back to healthy
+ Added option to specify the amount of time until a parent monitor becomes "stale", causing the parent monitor to be re-checked before a child monitor is run
+ Added report range options: 1 day, 2 days, 5 days
+ Improvements made to shutdown routines of threads when application receives Windows shutdown messages
+ Fixed a timeout issue with HTTP monitor GZIP decompression

1.5.20230605 (2023/06/05)

+ Added HTTP HEAD request method to HTTP monitor type
+ Fixed issues arising from specifying an HTTP status code other than 200 OK
+ Fixed handling of HTTP/x.x 100 Continue server response

1.5.20230531 (2023/05/31)

+ Fixed URLs linked from Web Pages menu where the port was not a common HTTP or HTTPS port
+ Fixed URLs shown as example Unique URL links in monitor edit panel

1.5.20230530 (2023/05/30)

+ Optimisations made to thread process management

1.5.20230528 (2023/05/28)

+ Optimisations made to HTTP monitor tests
+ Added option to include or exclude time taken to send HTTP request to remote server in the HTTP response times
+ Fixed an error with licensing information shown in support information

1.5.20230521 (2023/05/21)

+ Added GZIP encoding to HTTP monitor requests and HTTP monitor processing (this is added automatically and does not require user selection or enabling)
+ Added date into recorded hover results shown on full charts
+ Added highlight to selected chart in charts panel
+ Fixed some issues with HTTP monitor tests not processing full server response when server disconnects
+ Fixed missing average value being loaded when monitor statistics are being preserved

1.4.20230513 (2023/05/13)

+ Fixed an issue with the wrong date format being used to record time of last application update check

1.4.20230512 (2023/05/12)

+ Added option to generate configuration support information (this can be copied into an email and sent to our support team so that we can help with configuration issues)

1.4.20230421 (2023/04/21)

+ Improvements made to management and reliability of shutdown routines when application receives Windows shutdown messages

1.4.20230412 (2023/04/12)

+ Fixed issue with label values and monitor failures showing out of place when main GUI charts view was set to 24 results or 36 results

1.4.20230410 (2023/04/10)

+ Fixed further crash issue caused by log files access violation

1.4.20230409 (2023/04/09)

+ Added option to view 12, 24 or 36 results in the main GUI charts window (was previously set to 12 with no option to adjust)
+ Number of results shown within charts on web monitor info page now reflects the value set in the new option described above

1.4.20230408 (2023/04/08)

+ Fixed rare crash caused by log files access violation

1.4.20230228 (2023/02/28)

+ Added "Local Web Server URL" option for specifying the URL assigned to the built-in web server
+ Added "Web Pages" menu with links to view the various stats and report pages in a browser

1.4.20230225 (2023/02/25)

+ Added warning when moving unhealthy monitors to maintenance mode
+ Added setting for selecting the number of recent results from which to calculate the average result values
+ Improvements made to saving statistics - if enabled, previous results are now saved and loaded
+ Improvements and further optimisations made to file loading and saving routines
+ Fixed issue with some settings showing under the incorrect settings category

1.4.20230209 (2023/02/09)

+ Fixed various miscellaneous issues with file loading and saving routines

1.4.20221119 (2022/11/19)

+ Fixed issue with new "Time Between Email/SMS Failure Alerts" not working

1.4.20221117 (2022/11/17)

+ Added two new settings options "Time Between Email Failure Alerts" and "Time Between SMS Failure Alerts", allowing a time period to be specified for limiting the frequency of alerts, to prevent multiple alerts if, for example, a monitor keeps failing, recovering, failing, recovering, and so on.

1.4.20221031 (2022/10/31)

+ Fixed issue with using quotations in an HTTP monitor text search
+ Number of SMS alerts sent daily is now honoured even when application is restarted

1.4.20221030 (2022/10/30)

+ Added User Agent setting for HTTP web requests

1.4.20221028 (2022/10/28)

+ Fixed issue causing timeouts when monitoring websites with a larger HTML download
+ Added option under Tools menu to view and reset the daily SMS count

1.4.20220814 (2022/08/14)

+ Fixed issue with internal calculation of failure times when generating monitor failure reports

1.4.20220810 (2022/08/10)

+ Fixed issue with daily "failure report" email being triggered incorrectly when reports should include failures with a minimum length only

1.4.20220728 (2022/07/28)

+ Added setting Reports -> Minimum Time To Count As Failure
+ Cumulative failure totals report now allows specific selected monitors to be displayed, as well as all monitors
+ Fixed issue with showing only failures for last x days not being limited to last x days
+ Fixed issue with recorded times of failures not observing UTC offsets
+ Fixed error when restarting after applying license
+ Added license expiry information in About panel (depending on license type)
+ Tables shown in web failure reports can now be sorted by column headers
- Removed setting Web Server -> Uptime stats show 100%

1.4.20220426 (2022/04/26)

+ Minor changes to settings menu
+ Combined failure history into one report to display clearer history of all failures
+ Fixed issue causing disparity between statistics failure times and failure times presented in failure history reports
+ Fixed several issues with saved file name and save files
- Removed legacy "last/most recent failure" report type

1.4.20220414 (2022/04/14)

+ Added main menu option to show all failures for all monitors or for only the selected monitors
+ Added "All Failures" email report option
+ Added "All Failures" web report page and web URL option
+ Fixed issue with crash if CSV log files are locked (e.g. when open in Microsoft Excel)
+ Fixed issue where duplicated monitors retained the failure history of the original monitor

1.4.20220410 (2022/04/10)

+ Added name of currently-loaded monitor set to main program title bar
+ Added setting to specify whether monitor failure alerts show on-screen or not
+ Added failure history for individual monitors, accessible from the right-click monitor menu
+ Changed logs to CSV format (previously a plain text format)
+ Changed monitor set file extension to .SCM (previously .SMP, which remains compatible)
+ Fixed issue with settings.ini file sometimes not being kept up-to-date

1.3.20220117 (2022/01/17)

+ Improved search to highlight both monitor and chart, if the relevant windows are open

1.3.20220113 (2022/01/13)

+ Optimisations made to monitor set loading and saving

1.3.20220105 (2022/01/05)

+ Fixed issue with monitors not respecting a newly-applied check interval when using batch edit

1.3.20220102 (2022/01/02)

+ Added search bar to both selectors in the Maintenance Mode panel
+ Added description in the Maintenance Mode panel
+ Web links from "Monitor Stats" page to extended monitor information pages now open in a new tab

1.3.20211231 (2021/12/31)

+ Changes to "Enable Monitor" and "Disable Monitor" buttons (previously "Monitor On" and "Monitor Off")
+ Added Maintenance Mode panel to allow temporary suspension of individual monitors without disabling them (in order to keep them listed as healthy/active on stats dashboards etc.)
+ Adopted HTTP POST instead of HTTP GET for several internal admin connections
+ Fixed issue with program sometimes crashing when using the sort function on the "Status" column
+ Fixed issue with HTTP monitor editing panel "Test" function not correctly distinguishing between GET and POST selection

1.3.20211124 (2021/11/24)

+ Added option to reset failure statistics for single or selected monitors
+ Minor cosmetic improvements

1.3.20211123 (2021/11/23)

+ Added option to set which IP address the web server component uses to listen for incoming connections

1.3.20211118 (2021/11/18)

+ The number of CPU cores on the Server Check system is now used during the first run to calculate how many threads to launch
+ Added option to send failure reports by email only when a failure has occurred since the last report was sent
+ Added right-click menu in white space of monitor window for adding new monitors
+ Fixed issue with summary windows statistics becoming corrupted when editing a monitor that has already failed
+ Fixed issue with blank lines and entries in log files
+ Fixed crash when restarting program after applying a software license
+ Server Check is now Windows 11 compatible

1.3.20210805 (2021/08/05)

+ Fixed issue with incorrect display of some failures in the statistics panel

1.3.20210804 (2021/08/04)

+ Fixed issue with report emails not being sent and causing crash

1.3.20210803 (2021/08/03)

+ Added option to prevent failure reports being sent by email if there have been no monitor failures within the "Report Range" timeframe
+ Added workspace layout "save" and "recall" functionality to allow a custom window layout to be saved and later recalled
+ Added statusbar messages and log messages for some operations that did not previously show such messages
+ Fixed incorrect monitor numbers and statistics being shown when some statistics are reset
+ Fixed window layout not being saved upon Windows shutting down, restarting or logging off

1.3.20210801 (2021/08/01)

+ Fixed issue with some monthly statistics not showing after using the option to reset monitor failure statistics - to reinstate these statistics simply install this update and run the option to reset monitor failure statistics again

1.3.20210731 (2021/07/31)

+ Changes to monitor statistics reset options

1.3.20210730 (2021/07/30)

+ Added monitor type "NTP" for checking Network Time Protocol servers
+ Added monitor type "TLS" for checking for valid Transport Layer Security connections/certificates
+ Added "Any Response Code" option to accept any reponse code (e.g. 200, 404, etc.) for HTTP monitors
+ Added "Report Range" selector in "Monitor Reports" settings panel to restrict report statistics to specified time only
+ Added "Last Failure" statistic to display how long the most recent outage lasted

1.2.20210703 (2021/07/03)

+ Fixed issue with report emails not displaying correctly

1.2.20210702 (2021/07/02)

+ Changes to system information displayed in About panel
+ Minor change to ".bak" file names
+ Fixed issue with report emails not being sent and causing crash
+ Fixed issue with monthly statistics being incorrectly calculated in monthly uptime stats web page

1.2.20210606 (2021/06/06)

+ Fixed issue with status bar not displaying path of saved monitor sets correctly

1.2.20210531 (2021/05/31)

+ Enhanced "Scroll To Chart" feature to highlight the monitor after the scroll
+ Added/corrected keyboard shortcuts in monitors panel: "C" or "F" = show full chart, "S" or "G" = scroll (go to) chart in charts panel

1.2.20210510 (2021/05/10)

+ Added "pause" symbol to status bar when Server Check is paused
+ Added "Scroll To Chart" shortcut in monitors panel by pressing "c" when a single monitor is highlighted
+ Fixed issue with log window losing content when resetting all window panels

1.2.20210509 (2021/05/09)

+ Cosmetic changes to status bar
+ Added "Scroll To Chart" option in monitors panel right-click menu
+ Fixed issue with unique URL example sometimes not showing
+ Fixed issue with incorrect monitor name displaying on the status bar after adding a new monitor

1.2.20210428 (2021/04/28)

+ Fixed issue with display format of time picker in some versions of Windows
+ Server Check now runs on Windows startup by default (new installations only, and can still be disabled in settings panel)

1.2.20210427 (2021/04/27)

+ Fixed some timeout issues with network communication

1.2.20210425 (2021/04/25)

+ Minor cosmetic improvements to user interface

1.2.20210424 (2021/04/24)

+ Fixed license data entry issue with erroneous blank spaces before or after the entered license key

1.2.20210423 (2021/04/23)

+ new HTTP monitors are now set to HTTPS (port 443) by default

1.2.20210422 (2021/04/22)

+ Fixed issue with chart colour selection
+ Minor cosmetic improvements to user interface

1.2.20210416 (2021/04/16)

+ Changes to thread lifetime/inactivity time
+ Fixes to thread timing and stability
+ Optimised monitor deletion
+ Fixed several minor bugs when duplicating monitors
+ Improved error information within monitor edit panel

1.2.20210411 (2021/04/11)

+ Added "notes" field to each monitor

1.2.20210410 (2021/04/10)

+ If not specifically defined when creating a new monitor, the monitor name is now automatically inserted based on the hostname
+ Added Response Code selection for HTTP monitors, allowing checking for response codes such as 302, 401, 404, etc.
+ Added optional authentication username and password for HTTP monitors, allowing sites with basic authentication to be monitored

1.2.20210313 (2021/03/13)

+ Added "Generate" button to the unique URL code field in the monitor editing panel

1.2.20210219 (2021/02/19)

+ Monitor statistics pages can be viewed using unique URL code without client having to log in (if web authentication is enabled)

1.2.20210218 (2021/02/18)

+ Added customisable "Unique URL Code" to monitors, allowing remote (web) viewing of specific monitors (separate multiple codes using a comma)

1.2.20210208 (2021/02/08)

+ Changes to loading and displaying monitors and charts in their respective windows when scrolling
+ Changes to monitor set .bak files to distinguish between manual saves and auto-saves

1.2.20210207 (2021/02/07)

+ Added notification when using SHIFT-Click to select multiple monitors - use ALT-Click and CTRL-Click instead
+ Current monitor set is now backed up to .bak file every time the user saves the monitor set or an auto-save takes place
+ Added log file caching system to reduce number of individual log file writes
+ Added log file clean-up option for cleaning up old log files - NOTE: log files created with earlier versions of Server Check will need to be deleted manually

1.2.20210116 (2021/01/16)

+ Fixed an issue with the cursor when a monitor is missing required information and the "Test" button is clicked

1.2.20210115 (2021/01/15)

+ Minor updates to SMS alert system protocol

1.2.20201230 (2020/12/30)

+ Fixed issue with sleeping monitors being checked upon program startup

1.2.20201206 (2020/12/06)

+ Fixed missing Chart Settings options in Settings panel

1.2.20201205 (2020/12/05)

+ Fix to the way failed monitors are handled and updated when they (or their parent) are sleeping

1.2.20201201 (2020/12/01)

+ Improvements to the way failed monitors are handled and updated when they (or their parent) are sleeping

1.2.20201124 (2020/11/24)

+ Added option to automatically install updates (some security updates may still be installed automatically even with this setting disabled)

1.2.20201121 (2020/11/21)

+ Added indicator to show when a monitor is sleeping due to parent sleeping
+ Fixed monitor status not always updating in monitor and statistics panels

1.2.20201109 (2020/11/09)

+ Added weblink to claim FREE 10-monitor license when selecting restricted monitor types

1.2.20201030 (2020/10/30)

+ Added option to enable/disable resizing of individual main GUI panels when main GUI is resized
+ Fixed issue with updates sometimes freezing and failing

1.2.20201029 (2020/10/29)

+ Added table sort function to table headers on certain HTML web pages generated by Server Check

1.2.20201026 (2020/10/26)

+ Added bulk monitor editing panel to allow changes to be made to all or multiple selected monitors at once
+ Added optional "Auto Unpause" setting to allow a paused system to be automatically unpaused after specified time
+ Changes to monitor edit window size consistency between monitor types
+ Improvements to handling of licensing server connection failures
+ Fixed issues and conflicts with some anti-virus software
+ Fix runtime error with tray icon at program launch
- Removed individual bulk email and SMS edit options (now part of the bulk monitor editing panel)

1.1.20200820 (2020/08/20)

+ Changes to accuracy and number of "failed" results recorded and displayed on monitor charts

1.1.20200813 (2020/08/13)

+ Fixed "out of memory" software update crash issue
+ Renamed software update executable

1.1.20200810 (2020/08/10)

+ Fixed issue with system performance not being calculated

1.1.20200809 (2020/08/09)

+ Optimised executables and program folder
+ Added quick find to monitor types in summary panel - e.g. click red "Failed" section to cycle through all monitors that are currently failing
+ Fixed system performance being updated every few seconds when a monitor has failed
+ Fixed monitor changes being made live when editing a monitor with invalid parameters
- Removed full path from monitor set filename when confirming to overwrite an existing file
- Removed double error notification when using incorrect SMS format in monitor editor

1.1.20200805 (2020/08/05)

+ Fixed some security issues with installer and program executable

1.1.20200726 (2020/07/26)

+ Improved stability of software update mechanism
+ Added file backup routine when an opened monitor set exceeds the licensed number of monitors to allow recovery of the full monitor set once a license is applied or upgraded

1.1.20200720 (2020/07/20)

+ Updated to latest version of network communications library "LBNet32.dll" (previously called "SChannelWrapper32.dll")
+ Added number of monitoring threads to the system performance information
+ Added "Clear All" option on bulk edit email and bulk edit SMS panels

1.1.20200705 (2020/07/05)

+ Added Request Method option to HTTP monitors - GET or POST HTTP request method can now be selected in the HTTP monitor add/edit panels

1.1.20200704 (2020/07/04)

+ Added option to use Server Check Mail System for sending all emails as an alternative to using own SMTP server - available for licensed versions of Server Check only (including the free 10-monitor registered version)
+ Added search bar to toolbar - searches monitor label, hostname/IP, alert email address and alert SMS number fields
+ Improved error information when testing a monitor via the "Add Monitor" and "Edit Monitor" panels
+ Added "Page Loading" screen to all web stats and report pages

1.0.20200621 (2020/06/21)

+ Improved performance of monthly uptime stats page
+ Added "Page Loading" screen to monthly uptime stats page
+ Power alerts are now generated and sent when mains power fails and battery power takes over
+ Added optional "Update Available" emails and SMS messages to the automatic update check

1.0.20200613 (2020/06/13)

+ Modified automatic daily update check time
+ Fixed incorrect monitor information showing in monitor/failure reports
+ Added summary window vertical layout option

1.0.20200604 (2020/06/04)

+ Improved error messages and detection for contact telephone numbers which should be in E.164 format
+ Added optional automatic daily update check
+ Added 100% uptime threshold to uptime HTML reports, which allows a value of 100% uptime to be displayed even if actual uptime is less than 100% but greater than the specified threshold

1.0.20200602 (2020/06/02)

+ Fixed issue with Server Check performance speed not showing correctly after a license key is applied or changed
+ Fixed issue with web server where web headers were conflicting with some HTML assets
+ Fixed memory issues with log window and optimised display of logged items
+ Added links to menus for purchasing license and SMS credits
- Removed earlier external dependencies optimisations

1.0.20200529 (2020/05/29)

+ Added SMS Credits check to display number of remaining SMS credits in account
+ Added Low SMS Credits alert (default: 5)
+ Improved system tray icon recovery if/when Windows Explorer restarts or tray icon disappears

1.0.20200525 (2020/05/25)

+ Fixed issues with resizing, closing and opening some windows
+ Fixed performance issue related to window resizing
+ Improved software license activation for security
+ Added Minimise To Tray option

1.0.20200520 (2020/05/20)

+ Fixed issue with splash screen disappearing during update check on program startup
+ Optimised external dependencies memory usage

1.0.20200517 (2020/05/17)

+ Fixed issue with Instant Double-Check option causing Server Check to stop responding
+ Cleaned up thread registry entries and log entries
+ Optimised thread relaunch routine
+ Cosmetic changes to About dialog

1.0.20200514 (2020/05/14)

+ Changed update notification to be less intrusive when Server Check starts with Windows
+ Added Start/Pause function to system tray icon right-click menu
+ Optimised some system tray icon operations

1.0.20200510 (2020/05/10)

+ Cosmetic and functional improvements made to system tray icon menu

1.0.20200508 (2020/05/08)

+ Thread management improved
+ Cosmetic changes to Settings panel

1.0.20200506 (2020/05/06)

+ Thread management improved
+ Clicking on a single chart now scrolls to that monitor in the monitors window

1.0.20200505 (2020/05/05)

+ Improved thread performance
+ Added thread refresh at midnight
+ Fixed some memory management issues

1.0.20200428 (2020/04/28)

First Release