We only store information that you have provided when downloading, purchasing or activating Server Check, and if you ask us to erase this data then we will do so (please note that your license key would no longer work with Server Check).

Your information is stored on secure servers and is made up of the same information that you would submit when making most online purchases, such as your name, contact information, and products bought. A digital signature generated by your computer (containing no identifying information) is stored alongside your Server Check license key so that your software license activates correctly and continues to identify as valid.

We do not share this information with any third parties and it will not be used to contact you for any reason other than to offer software updates, special deals that we think you might like, and to manage your software licenses.

No payment information is stored by us. Your payment information is handled exclusively by our payment processors and we never see it, including for all of our subscription packages. When it is time to charge your payment card, we simply send this request to our payment processors who will then handle the secure processing of the payment.