If you already own a full Server Check license (not a subscription) and want to upgrade to add more monitors, you do not need to purchase the upgrade at its full cost. You simply need to pay the upgrade cost (see here) to move from one license to another. Please note that we do not offer license downgrades.

To make any changes, please get in touch via chat, email or telephone with the details of your license and upgrade request.

You can also change your subscription choices. If you want to move from a monthly subscription to an annual subscription or vice-versa, you can change your subscription options by visiting the “My Subscriptions” tab in your Server Check account. Payment for the new subscription type will not be taken until the current subscription period ends. For example, if you have a monthly subscription and change to an annual subscription, you will only be charged the full amount for the annual subscription when the monthly subscription period that you have already paid for comes to an end and the subscription renewal is due.