Yes, you can add, cancel and change your subscription choices at any time.

To add a new subscription to your account, select the type of license and subscription frequency (monthly or annual), and place your order in the usual way. You will then find details of your new subscription and license key in your Server Check account.

To cancel an existing subscription, visit the “My Subscriptions” tab in your Server Check account, select the subscription you wish to cancel, and click the “Cancel” button.

To change an existing subscription to a different type, e.g. if you wish to change from a monthly subscription to an annual subscription, we recommend adding the new subscription type to your account first, and then cancelling the old subscription. You will receive a new license key for the new subscription type. Remember that the previous license key will continue to work for the remaining time left on the subscription linked to it, and for as long as payments continue to be made on that subscription if it is not cancelled.